Hey there! I am totally new to blogging so please bare with me (nervous laughter). 

But Hello! My name is Ashley! I am a stay at home mom and a full time Etsy maker! As far back as I can remember I was always crafting or drawing something. It wasnt until I was pregnant with my daughter Raven that I wanted to learn to crochet! 

I am a self taught crocheter (THANK GOD FOR YOUTUBE!). I started crocheting in 2012. I wanted to make cute blankets, hats, and shoes for my baby so off to youtube I went! It wasnt too long after that I finished my first baby blanket and shoes. I'll attach the pictures to go along but they are NOT my best works! 

Almost a year after she was born I discovered polymer clay. I always admired the cute little creations people would make from clay but I had almost no experience with it. My very first polymer clay adventure ended with my first donut earrings. (This is actually my best seller since I posted them on my Etsy!) 

Not long after my self discovery of loving polymerclay I moved on to resin. I loved the way people were making resin earring and pendants and went back to youtube to learn more. From there I learned many tips and ventured into a new craft! my first resin pieces were little bow stud earrings. I made so many different colored bows and listed them on Etsy. I never actually sold a pair of them but that didnt deter me from resin. I moved on to gummy bears and again created a big seller! 

SO, now that you know alittle more about where I started my craft adventure and why I started my Etsy shop I hope you check up on my blog from time to time! I promise I'll try my best to keep it interesting! AND I'll post my creating processes as I go! Thanks to all those who actually took the time to read all of this and learn more about me! You're Amazing!

Till next time!